Power Anchor
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Aircraft design project

Flight really does capture our imagination. Skylap uses this fascination to motivate students to develop an experimental aircraft. There are so many possibilities when it comes to aircraft design that there is only one way to see if it will fly ­ and that is to test it. But what about how it flies:
how much lift does it achieve? How fast is it? How do small modifications affect its flight behavior. All these things are tested using the Power Anchor.

Students begin by making a simple aircraft design using balsa and hot glue. They test it for speed, weight and lift using the Power Anchor. The results become a baseline for further modifications. How does the angle of the elevator wing affect lift and speed?­ modify a plane and test it. This is a great way of learning.

Students then put their first hand knowledge into action and design their own experimental aircraft in the same spirit of Burt Rutan.

The Power Anchor comes with attachable legs so that it is lifted off the ground ready for Aircraft design projects. An added challenge for the Skylap project is that the craft needs to be able to take off and land. With the legs on, the Power Anchor is at the correct height for take off and landings as well as ?dog fights¹. That¹s right two aircraft can be used on the Power Anchor at once.

This project is fully resourced. The teaching resource pack includes classroom video, teaching notes (including tips, outcomes and programme), student notes and worksheets. The class packs include motors, propellers, axles and wheels, and balsa wood.

What you need:

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