Power Anchor
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Fixed pulley powered car.

This project is about designing and making a belt driven car so that it is optimized for either speed or power. Construction is super simple. All you need is a pair of scissors and a screwdriver. The motor is stuck to the body of the car and a rubber band goes around the motor pulley and the pulley attached to the axle. There is nothing difficult about making the car, but an understanding of power ratios is covered in the student notes so that students can make decisions about the sizes of pulleys they will use for their car.

The beauty of using the Power Anchor is that students can do their own testing without losing control of the vehicles. The vehicles don’t need any batteries or steering because these are provided by the Power Anchor. Hook the car up to the unit and then it races around it. Students can control the speed with a hand controller.

With the Power Anchor there is plenty of opportunity for testing and setting up races and stunts. This project is aimed at school Year 5-8.

What you need:

Race Chase