Power Anchor
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Flying Car

Experimental designers have often turned their hand to the idea of a flying car. Now your students get their turn. This project presents a real challenge. The chassis is a specified size and it must use the 4 wheels provided. Now make it fly using any modeling material available and the motor and propeller provided. It sounds easy, but as it becomes clear in the classroom video there are many approached to the problem ­ and they all come with problems that needs solving. Your students will need to become experimental designers with a good dose of tenacity and willingness to keep trying. Here¹s a hint: students who take a good look at ground effect vehicles get some good ideas.

The Power Anchor provides the ideal testing platform for this project because it is so easy to use. Your students can set up their own tests in a completely controlled way. Students are completely immersed in the desire for success and so good access to testing opportunity is important. This makes the Power Anchor so well suited to this projects.

This project is fully resourced. The teaching resource pack includes classroom video, teaching notes (including tips, outcomes and programme), student notes and worksheets. The class packs include motors, propellers, axles and wheels, and standard sized car bases in coreflute.

What you need:

Race Chase