Power Anchor
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Propeller driven car

Your students will get to know the principles of dynamics by making this vehicle and testing it on the Power Anchor. There is plenty of testing, measuring and recording results so that an understanding of speed, acceleration thrust, drag and terminal velocity is built up. Nothing beats seeing these principles in action and on something that your students have made. This is what makes Helicar so totally engaging.

Construction of the Helicar is simple. All you need is a coping saw, rasp file, soldering iron, and a drill. The classroom video also explains how a hot wire cutter, CNC router and vacuum former can be put to good use in this project. The teacher notes include a tutorial on designing on CAD for CNC machining.

The great thing about the Power Anchor is that it is so fast to set up. All you need is four 6V lantern style batteries and a clear area of 4m diameter. Once it is set up your students can hook up their own Helicars and do their own testing. It is just so easy to use.

The class packs include modeling foam, motors, hook up wire, wheels, axles and propellers. Everything you need to make this project a real success in your classroom, no matter what your resources.

The Hyperlink in the ‘Helicar Student Notes’ to the James May Video – ‘Come Fly with Me’, has been moved to the following page http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sfwn4_W6x9A

What you need:

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