Power Anchor
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Easy to make pulley driven vehicle. Use different pulleys sizes for speed or power. Set up races and stunts.

A propeller driven car made from modelling foam. Learn about speed, thrust, acceleration and terminal velocity.

Use any materials you can get your hands on to make a flying car. You will need to do lots of modifications and testing to get success.

Make your aircraft, test it and learn about flight from first principles. Challenge your friends to a ‘dog fight’.

A geared racing car that uses downforce to maximise performance. Ideal CNC project.

Resourced projects

Content rich and design driven, these projects are fully resourced with teaching program, assessment outline, student notes, worksheets and classroom videos. Your students will learn engineering concepts from first principles and have a pile of fun.

Design, test, modify

PowerAnchor is the smartest way to test vehicle and aircraft design projects.more…


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